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JKS Autumn Technical Seminar

The annual JKS Ireland Autumn technical seminar took place on Sunday 16th October 2016 in the JKS Ireland Honbu Dojo in Swords, Co. Dublin.  The guest instructor was Koji Arimoto Sensei. He is a WKF Team Kata gold medallist, All Japan Champion, JKS World Kata Champion 2016 and one of the up and coming Instructors from JKS Japan.


There was three classes in the seminar.  The first class for juniors (Kyu grades) began with tsuki (punching) and geri (kicking) kihon techniques with Arimoto Sensei emphasising correct stances and good form in each technique.  He then brought the class through two kata: Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan and took time to demonstrate the finer technical points of each kata for the junior participants.


In the second class for mixed grades, Arimoto Sensei continued with the focus on stability and form in stances and also worked on correct hip vibration.  He brought the packed class through the Kata Heian Shodan – Heian Godan and highlighted the key technical aspects of each kata.


For the Brown & Black belt class, after a Japanese style warm-up, Arimoto Sensei concentrated on two Katas: Kanku Dai and the Koten Kata Kakuyoku Sandan.  In both kata he highlighted the respective technical points and demonstrated the bunkai for each assisted by Dermot O’Keeffe Sensei 6th Dan JKS. Arimoto Sensei emphasised strong, stable stances, correct preparation for each movement and hip vibration in what was a highly technical class.  He demonstrated both Kata’s for the enthusiastic participants and it was clear to all why he is current All Japan and JKS World Kata Champion.


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