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Hi Everyone!

Just a few updates/reminders about our JKS Open on 9th April. Tournament Information and Entry Form are available to download here:

  • Additional Kata Categories

We are delighted to announce that we have added two Inclusive Kata categories for students with special needs. We hope to add more Inclusive Categories in future events to cater for the growing number of Karateka with Special Needs.

These are:


KASN1 16yrs & under Mixed

KASN2 Over 16 yrs Mixed

  • Closing date & Entry Fees

The closing date for receipt of all entries & fees is Sunday 2nd April 2017.

If paying by cheque - please make payable to Red Dragon Shotokan Club.

If paying by bank transfer - please follow instructions in Competition Bulletin.

  • Kumite Categories

The following dress and safety equipment code will apply:

All Kumite competitors must wear mouthguards

All Competitors must wear a clean white Gi in good condition

All Kumite Competitors must wear Hand Mitts and Shin protectors. (Instep protectors are optional). Hand protection must be WKF design. No boxing glove, MMA, canvas style mitts allowed.

No glasses to be worn during kumite. Contacts are allowed. Prescription sports goggles will be permitted as long as the coach provides a Doctor’s note and a letter of indemnity.

All Male competitors: Advised to wear approved groin protector

All competitors:

Approved White/Red/Blue hand and Shin. (Instep protectors optional)

Approved body protectors is optional

Women advised to wear approved chest protectors

Men advised to wear approved groin protector

  • Questions/Queries

If you have any further questions or queries about the event please contact the JKS Secretary at: or on 085-7254939.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day. OSS!

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